CentOS 7 Minimal Web Server Fundamentals

This series focuses on using the CentOS 7 Minimal Linux distribution to setup a web server. The CentOS operating system is a very popular choice for web servers and in this series I setup a web server using the basic software tools, then also set up a web server using Sentora, a web hosting control […]


Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop

This series focuses on common tasks using the Ubuntu 14.04 desktop. The desktop version of Ubuntu uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Many of the tasks in this series will be done using both GUI tools and the terminal.


Ubuntu 14.04 Server

This series focuses on common tasks using the Ubuntu 14.04 server. The operating system is has a command line based interface. All modifications to the OS are done using Linux commands.


Ubuntu 12.04 Forensics

This series focuses on using Ubuntu 12.04 to perform computer forensic work. The tools used either are already installed on Ubuntu or can be installed for free.


CloneZilla SE on Ubuntu 12.04

This series focuses on installing and configuring CloneZilla SE to clone a computer as an image file and then use that image to restore another computer.

Web Development


Application Development

Begin learning how to create your own Android application with the new Android class at Lecture Snippets. Subscribe to follow the course as it is still being developed.

Android Programming

  Section 1 Lesson 01 – Android: Getting Started with Android Programming Lesson 02 – Android: Tools for Developing Android Apps Lesson 03 – Android: Your Hello World App in Android Lesson 04 – Android: A Quick Look at Package Explorer Lesson 05 – Android: Linear and Relative Layouts Lesson 06 – Android: TextViews (Labels) […]

Cloud & Networking



This section refers to setting up an OwnCloud server.


Networking Scope

This course teaches the differences of Network Scopes such as LANs, MANs, WANs. It is taught at a beginner level.


Virtual Machines